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Roland RP-301R
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Roland RP-301R
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Experience a New Way to Play
The RP-301R is an affordable and fun piano with first-class sounds, touch, and play-along rhythm accompaniment. No special techniques are required to make beautiful music thanks to the newly designed full-keyboard chord recognition engine. Whatever you play, the RP-301R can interpret, injecting beautiful accompaniment in real time. Whether you are a beginner or pro, the RP-301R lets you enjoy piano playing to the fullest.

60 built-in rhythm accompaniments enrich your piano performance
Newly developed full-keyboard chord recognition engine
Three versatile playing modes: Pianist, Split Chord, and Split Tone
Perfect sound through SuperNATURAL® piano technology
Authentic piano touch and feel with Ivory Feel-G keyboard
Rhythm accompaniment can be expanded through USB memory
Built-in LCD enhances the user-friendly operation
Environment-conscious design with Auto Off function and low power consumption (12W* under the condition of average use without compromising its powerful sound)

*This figure was measured based on Roland's own technical standard. The actual figure may vary depending on the position of volume knob and characteristics of the performance.