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Roland RG-7R
Pian digital de concert
Roland RG-7R
Pian digital de concert
Create the Perfect Ambience with Roland's RG-7-R
Roland's Digital Grand RG-7-R gives you the same gorgeous form as a luxurious acoustic grand, the same natural keyboard touch, and the most realistic stereo-sampled grand piano sounds ever, with "all 88 keys sampling." It also provides a host of advanced digital features which no acoustic piano could ever provide, including total volume control, a non-mechanical playback system, and no need for tuning. Plus it gives you an eye-catching player piano function for automatic keyboard movement. This is an instrument that sets the mood, perfect for anywhere that people gather. Wherever you use it — at home parties, in a hotel lounge, or at a fine restaurant — it will capture the eye, delight the ear, and provide unforgettable elegance.

PHA II (Progressive Hammer Action II) "Ivory Feel" Keyboard with Escapement provides grand-piano feel and response
Automatic song-playback capability with built-in CD-ROM DRIVE the player-piano-type "moving keys"
88-key multi-sampled grand piano sounds
Beautiful polished ebony grand piano cabinet
VIMA TUNES playback capability