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Roland LX-10F
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Roland LX-10F
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Classic Cabinetry With SuperNATURAL Piano Technology
Its beautiful upright cabinet and traditionally styled pedals give the LX-10F a timeless, classic appearance, but beneath the wood is Roland's most sophisticated SuperNATURAL piano core. Never before has a home digital piano in this price range sounded so smooth, natural, and three-dimensional. With its first-class PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard, the LX-10F delivers remarkable response and true sound through its high-performance internal speaker system.

Advanced SuperNATURAL Piano engine provides a new level of authenticity and sophistication
Piano Designer feature allows customization of sounds (resonance, hammer noise, etc.)
PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement
Traditionally styled pedals with progressive damper action and half-pedal recognition
Stylish, space-saving cabinet with beautiful polished-ebony and satin-black hybrid finish
Built-in 6-speaker system provides natural, rich sound
Top lid can be opened/closed for tonal variation; fallboard can be used as a music rest when open