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Roland HP-503
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Roland HP-503
Pian Digital SuperNATURAL®
Entry-Class Piano with No Compromising of Standard Piano Features
The HP-503 digital piano brings the SuperNATURAL® Piano sound engine, which is the ultimate in piano expressivity, and a Ivory Feel-S keyboard with Escapement, which reproduces the natural playing feel found in grand pianos. The Progressive Damper Action Pedal offers the sensitive and expressive pedaling response required by serious pianists. The HP-503 achieves low power consumption while delivering a dynamic piano sound that is above its class.

SuperNATURAL® Piano sound engine realizes authentic, expressive piano performance comparable to acoustic grand pianos
Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement on par with Roland's high-end piano keyboard mechanism, with the aesthetic and comfortable playability of a grand piano
Soundboard Behavior function provides clarity of each note even when the many notes are played simultaneously
Progressive Damper Action pedal is responsive to the most delicate playing techniques
Realistic classical fortepiano and harpsichord sounds onboard
Large onboard song library covers piano masterpieces as well as popular etudes such as Czerny 100 and Hannon
Metronome and recorder onboard; recorder lets you capture your performances as audio files
Compact yet noble cabinet with the design elegance of an acoustic piano
Available in two colors: traditional Rosewood finish or cool Satin Black finish